19 Days

“19 Days reveals the human side of the refugee resettlement process.”


This short documentary follows several refugee families during their first 19 days in Canada, as they navigate an unfamiliar terrain that has suddenly become their home. Located in the quiet Calgary neighbourhood of Bridgeland, the Margaret Chisholm Resettlement Centre is the starting point for government-assisted refugees who arrive in the city. During the 19-day timeline established by the federal government, an initial assessment is done and refugees are assisted with everything from airport reception and orientation to referrals, documents, and counselling.


Reviews of 19 Days

“Asha and Roda make up a powerful reportorial tag team. This documentary acts almost as a coda to “Living at the Border,” their in-depth multimedia project that explored the lives of African refugees living in Italy. Throughout their work, the two filmmakers have focused on promoting social change and documenting the complexities of seeking asylum and attaining integration.”

-Film reviewer


“We landed in Seattle the evening of November 21st 1996. Snow covered the ground as we could see it from the superjet window. That night and the following day we enjoyed the snow at the neighborhood. This film reminds exactly that good moment when we walked on the snow and even tasted it. Very good job”

-Film screening attendee


“This is stunning: powerful and quiet. Amazing filmmaking.“

-Film screening attendee


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