In Between Stories

“If you don’t like someone’s story, write your own -Chinua Achebe

In Between Stories is a short documentary that features four young artists from the African diaspora communities in Toronto. This film touches on issues including media representations of Africa, experiences of second-generation immigrant youth and the role of storytelling. As they navigate through the different narratives that make up their lives, they share what it means to be a young African in today’s society.



Reviews of In Between Stories

“The perspectives of Africans living in Europe and North America provide a valuable counterweight to Western media portrayals of the continent. Too often, however, these voices are marginalized because disaporic Africans too are victims of stereotyping. In Between Stories performs the important service of drawing attention to these problems and of giving voice to young Africans’ perspectives on Africa.”

-Africa is a Country review


“I relate very much to the artists and to the stories that they tell. My compassion for Ghana and my continent has led me to be proactive by sharing stories to influence the generally negatively-biased narrative offered by the media. I also find myself in the middle of both countries in terms of identity. I appreciate how this has made me open-minded, observant and aware as a result of it.”

-Film viewer


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