Beyond the Silence

Beyond the Silence

“There are not many Chinese people that got breast cancer, it’s always the white people, I keep thinking that way…and here I got it.” – May Zhou, interview

Beyond the Silence explores the silences and challenges around breast cancer in several immigrant communities in Alberta. Through personal stories of women who have been affected by this disease, this documentary will take you on a journey inside their classrooms, clinics and homes and show you the other faces of breast cancer.


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Reviews of Beyond the Silence

“I was born in Canada, same with my sisters. But our parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents all hail from the Caribbean. Has our heritage made us blindly assume that breast cancer would not be a disease we could get? Was it because most of the women I see in advertisements for breast cancer did not look a thing like me? Somehow innately I thought the pigment of my skin would exclude me.”

-Attendee, Rebels With a Cause Film Festival


“I went to the ‘Breast Fest’ film festival in Toronto, this film brought to light the culture of silence within minority groups when it comes to diagnosis and treatment of this disease. The documentary was not only moving, but also very thoughtful. I do not lie when I say that towards the end it nearly had me in tears.”

-Attendee, Rethink Breast Cancer Film Festival


“Beyond the Silence interviews four women, one father, medical professionals, and caseworkers in Alberta, who have dealt with breast cancer personally or known someone who has. One segment that particularly resonates with me is when Zainab Saleh Taleh, a Somali woman that moved to Canada in the late 80s explains that the word “breast” alone is a difficult thing for people in her community to say. Let alone saying the words together: breast cancer.”

-Attendee, Rebels With a Cause Film Festival


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