Living at the Border

Living at the Border

“It breaks my heart because we’ve gone through a great struggle, my country is a mess, I’ve suffered in foreign countries, all this struggle for the sake of a better life and opportunities.” – Sacadiya, Somali refugee

Documenting the realities of African refugees and migrants, Living at the Border captures everyday life in Italy. Through their personal stories, this multimedia project shows the complexity of their lives as they navigate through the asylum system in Europe. While the refugees and migrants interviewed for this project may not share the same story, they all live on the margins of society. They occupy the space between citizens and foreigners.


They are always living at the border.


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Reviews of Living at the Border

“Asha Siad and Roda Siad combine powerful images with compelling narrative to illuminate an important story about refugees… their project is a fine example of the deft use of digital tools by serious journalists.”

– Amnesty International Canada Media Awards 2014


“Excellent project sharing the stories of African migrants to Italy”
“This is an incredible initiative.”
“This is fine, important work!”
“A very informative and inspiring project.”


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